Air Conditioning


When on the road it doesn't matter, weather its a smoldering hot summer or an ice cold winter, it is usually an uncomfortable experience to have to continuously deal with a faulty air conditioning unit day in and day out.

When its summer a malfunctioning A/C isn't good for the air circulation around the driver and passengers, because as you drive the many moving parts within the vehicle such as the engine as well as the environment could possibly contribute to allot of heat build up, which could result in driver fatigue.


The function of an automotive air conditioner is to help remove the heat and humidity from inside the passenger compartment of the vehicle, at Rainbow Service Tech we can help If you are experiencing poor a/c quality within your vehicle, and are happy to service all of your auto a/c repair needs!

If you find that only warm or hot air is being blown out of your a/c unit, or awful smells start to come out of the vents, or the vent airflow is low even at the highest setting, we can provide maintenance services and full repairs so you can be back out on the road in no time!


A Comprehensive A/C & Heat Systems Assessment Includes:

Check & Test The Blower
Test For Any Leaks & Any Other Damage
Check Radiator Coolant, Hoses, & Clamps
Change The Refrigerant
Re-Charge The Systems
Add New Compressor Oil
Test For Proper Functioning & Performance
The cost of repairing your air-conditioner is much more affordable than you think and with a Cooling System Check Up, you can save yourself a large AC repair bill down the road.