Brake Repair


Are your brakes making horrendous screeching noises? Is your brake pedal pulsation, or are you experiencing vehicle vibrations? Sounds like you could use some brake repair work! At Rainbow Service Tech we have all the necessary tools and experience in order to fix your brakes and make sure you get back on the road with top level safety!

By pressing down on the brake, the brake pads use friction material that is mounted to a steel backing plate. The brake pads are then forced against hydraulic brake lines pressurized by a master cylinder which connect to each of the wheels, when the brake pad presses against the drum it creates the friction to stop the vehicle. After miles and miles of driving the friction material on your brakes will eventually wear out.

If your brakes grind or make strange noises when in use, then they probably need to be replaced. Brakes are essential for vehicle safety, and should be handled if you suspect any inclination of them wearing out.

When you are pulling up to a red light and are waiting for people to cross, or avoiding other speeding cars in traffic, you want your brake systems to be optimized for maximum safety. At Rainbow Service Tech we would be more then happy to insure the safety of you and all future passengers! Call Now! (479) 587-8118